What I’m doing now?

Updated June 09, 2022, from Australia.

Building up an ecommerce business on the side while working in a 9-to-5 to pay the bills. After kids bedtime, laptop time.

Reading Michael Singer (Untethered Soul), Will Smith (Will), Joseph Campbell (Hero With a Thousand Faces), Carl Jung (Undiscovered Self), Plato (Republic), Will Durant (Story of Philosophy), Robert Greene (Daily Laws), David Goggins (Can’t Hurt Me) and David Eagleman (Sum).

Meditating 15-30 min followed by a cold shower every morning. Fasting 18-hours 5 days a week. Running 5km daily at lunchtime (before my first meal). Journaling twice a day.

Sleeping 7 hours daily, early riser (before 6am), no alarm clock.